About us



Founded in 2014, LEIXEM AFRICA specializes in the fields of personal and property security, project management and banking information systems and electronic payment methods (Electronic banking).
We are also in the field of telecoms for computing and geolocation.
MASTER DISTRIBUTOR of the INGENICO brand, the world leader in the manufacture of EPTs and electronic payment systems, LEIXEM has two subsidiaries, one based in Paris and one based in Dakar, Senegal.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide companies with innovative solutions in all areas of activity to bring an exceptional digital experience.

We strive to offer our partners the excellence of electronic banking and ICT by developing solutions combining security and technology.
Leixem Africa provides its partners with the most powerful and innovative electronic tools.
Our team is constantly striving to innovate and adapt our solutions to changing market developments.

For a sustainable partnership, we put trust at the heart of our relationships and work together with our partners to advise and guide them towards secure solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Our values

  • Commitment

    Commitment is at the heart of Leixem Africa’s DNA. This value stems from our history which since our creation has been led by the entrepreneurial spirit of Bruno Bonamy. Leixem Africa is a responsible company. This responsibility comes not only from our partners, but also from the company in which we operate.
    We care about the satisfaction of our customers and the prosperity of their activities. We also want to support the sustainable development of the territories where we operate; this commitment involves putting in place a sustainable CSR policy.
  • Efficiency

    Our experience and our expertise in electronic banking enable us to be at the forefront in all situations. We have quality Ingenico equipment that meets the security requirements for financial transactions. This material is adapted to various needs and to different realities. The active local presence of Leixem Africa and its wide network guarantee responsiveness in all circumstances. Our sense of innovation and our desire for perfection are the key to ever more effective solutions.
  • Trust and team spirit

    Leixem Africa works hand in hand with its partners and collaborators. Our united and dynamic team actively listens to advise and serve each of our partners. Our secure business position means professionalism and transparency for lasting trust.

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